“A story of passion for energy started in 1986”


1986. Passion for solutions.

In 1986 Antonio Ranzato founded his first company. He was 22 years old and with a big task: to create the electrical systems for the fruit and vegetable market of Trieste.

1987. Continuous growth.

In just a few years we moved headquarters three times each time choosing larger and larger spaces. We specialised in the construction of civil and industrial installations.

1991. The first “special” vehicle.

We were among the first to purchase a truck with lift. At the time it was such an innovative vehicle that we had to import it from Great Britain: it was right hand drive!

1998. The Turning Point.

The year ended positively, with sales of 2.7 billion old Italian lira and ISO certification. All this allowed the company to evolve from an artisan to a sole proprietorship. As a result Ranzato Antonio srl was born.

2000. A big step.

We moved to a new premises, and with 1000 sqm of offices and a complete structure made up of 25 professionals, we continued a journey of growth and business organisation.

2005. New horizons!

We expanded our headquarters and our business areas with more services:

  • Electrical systems department
  • Photovoltaic systems department
  • Small building department

2011. Great goals.

In 2011 saw the arrival of the first contract for an installation of over 5 million Euros. We expanded our company with the mechanical systems department to provide customers with an even more complete offer.

2014. Continuous evolution.

professionals, the company changed its name to Ranzato Impianti srl and many things changed. While the professionalism, passion and soul of Ranzato Impianti remain the same as always!

2015. Ranzato Impianti arrived in Hungary.

Our first working experience in Hungary started.